Monday, 30 July 2012

Welcome to Cat Questions Answered

Christmas 1989 was the first Christmas my husband and I spent together as a married couple. Several days before Christmas my husband arrived home from work early carrying a small cardboard box. “It’s an early Christmas present” he said, handing me the box. “But you have to open it very carefully”. Feeling totally baffled I slowly pulled back the lid of the box and there staring up at me was the most beautiful tabby kitten I have ever seen. We called her Jasmine (you can see a photo of her over on the top right of this page) and for almost 19 years she was a much loved part of our family.

Around the same time I picked up a book at a charity shop called “Cats… their health and care”. The book was written by a TV vet who had a deep love and understanding of cats, and it is a book I have referred to many times over the years. Although I have been a cat lover for as long as I can remember, what I learnt from this book was to have appreciation and respect for the cat as a species also.

I decided to create this blog for three reasons: First and foremost – because I adore cats. Although I do not believe anyone can ever truly understand the mind of a cat, and I certainly would not pretend to have all the answers, I have gained a fair amount of knowledge about our feline friends over the last 23 years, which I thoroughly look forward to sharing with others.

Secondly the blog will compliment my website Looking After Kittens, which focuses entirely on all aspects of kitten care and kitten behaviour, but does not include a great deal of information relating to adult cats. (NB The site "Looking After Kittens" no longer exists, but all information previously available on the site has been transferred to this blog.)

And finally as I have tried to improve my knowledge of cats over the years I have often stumbled across frustrated cat owners posting questions in forums about what they perceive to be a problem with their pet. In my view many of these problems come about due to a lack of understanding about the feline species. I hope that some of the questions and answers I publish here on this blog may help to shed a little light on some cat issues.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to share with you over the coming months and I look forward to your involvement too – so please post some comments and questions too if you have them!

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